Wasteland Airsoft Site

Wasteland Airsoft Site


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Now Open Every Sunday & Bookings Taken for Mon to Sat

Wasteland Airsoft  is located less than 10  minutes outside Waterford City.  The site is  managed  by seasoned airsofters and those with over 5 years  experience in airsoft site management.  The well known Waterford's Whiskey Delta Airsoft Team are also involved in the  site.  

The site is open to all who play airsoft or wishing to start Airsoft, Min age is  12.  The day starts at 11:00 with sign in, chrono of all guns and gear up,  Games start  at  12:00  approx  lunch at 2:00 and the day finishes at 5:30.



There is an on site ammo and tuck shop with, bbs, gas, eye protection, face masks, mags etc, drinks,bars, tea coffee, soup and noodles. Waterford Airsoft Supplies & Shooting Range is only 5 mins walk from the shop. 

If you arrive to the site and the gate is closed ring the mobile number on our contact page. 

The site is in 3 sections or zones. Zone one is scrub, with various bushes and trees or different heights. Pathways lead through the scrub which is quite high in places. A good feature of this zone is the high grass and scattered scrub which makes it easy to move or crawl  to different positions.  there are a few trenches and  mounds to use as cover.  Zone 1 has not had much added to it as we wanted to  keep it as natural looking as possible.  There is a base in the centre that is slightly raised, bridges and a few sand bags is all you will find in this zone.
Zone 2 also known as the wasteland has  various cover, such as vehicles, barrels, walls and rubble. buildings.  The Theme is post Apocalyptic .  Various bushes and high grass in this area make it good for moving without been seen. The high ridge which runs along the side of zone 1 overlooking zone 1 and 2 is great for the sniper looking for an overwatch position. There are a few towers such as the bell tower on the church. Keeping with the theme of a post apocalypitic or ruined town, we have buildings such as the Service station and guns and ammo shop.
Zone 3 is not yet completed but it will be divided between a village / CQB and the Military base.  gameplay between the two should be very interesting and give open area and CQB in the one Zone. 
Various bases and respawns  scattered around the site gives a large  amount of  objectives for game play.  Games vary from fast and furious to the slow and stealthy. examples of  such games are  bomb the base, VIP, Fallback and  traitor.  Milsim and scenario based games are played regularly where players are presented with a background story and have to complete certain missions to move to the next  objective or to help with upcoming missions. And often would have a ammo restriction, supply drops, artillery support etc.
Also we plan on running games based on Fallout, Dayz and films such as Madmax. 

Our experienced marshals  are strict with site rules,  These can be found in the link above. It is required you read the site rules before visiting us. 
Our chrono procedure, Site safety and management  is approved by the Gardai and adheres to the IAA guidelines.

The site is insured and has proper Gardai Authorization with qualified first aiders / EMT and experienced marshals.