Airsoft Info

Airsoft Info

The Law

In simple terms the law in Ireland states that:

All airsoft Replica's must not have a muzzle velocity over  1 Joule ( 328 feet per
second) using a .20 gram BB.

Airsoft Replicas must not be in public view. This also means your garden if it
can be viewed by a neighbor or passer by.

Airsoft replica's can not be bought by persons under 16. Most Airsoft shop
will not sell to anyone under 18.

All sites in ireland must be authorized by their local superintendent, they must
have insurance and trained first aid personnel among other requirements.

The Gardai will treat any Airsoft replica firing over 1 joule as if it was a
unlicensed firearm.

Most Airsoft guns are over 1 joule when manufactured. if you buy from
outside of Ireland and import the replica it will be held in customs and
destroyed. You will not recieve it. But could recieve a large fine.

Airsoft sites in Ireland must be approved by their local superIntendant.
for this they must have Insurance and letter of permission from landowner
and staff trainedin  first aidirst aid. Some may be  required to have signage,fencing. 

Airsoft Safety

Always transport your gun in a gun bag or case.

Never have a magazine or battery in it while transporting it.

Never  have in your posession a gun firing over 328fps (1 joule).

All guns used on a site should be chrono' ed at the start of the day.
Most sites now do spot checks during the day. Also any player caught
with an airsoft device over 328fps after the first chrono  is usualy
banned from the site. the site owner can also report this to the Gardai.

Before entering a safe zone or Admin area always remove your magazines
from the gun and fire a few shot in a safe direction to clear your gun.

Always listen to the safety briefing at the start of the day and the game

Never remove your eye protection during a game, if you have a problem
call a marshal.

Never use any pyro, smoke grenades or fireworks on sites in Ireland.
Most site will issue an immediate ban.

Store your gear at home where others like small children do not have
access to them.

Never bring your guns out into public view.

If you bought a gun that is over 328fps then bring it back to where you
got it and have it downgraded. it is illegal to own or sell an airsoft RIF
firing over 328fps.

Getting Started In Airsoft

Airsoft is an easy sport to get involved in. The first piece of advice is to
try before you decided its what you want to do and spend money on.
Most sites have rental guns and masks, so its only a matter of renting a
gun on site, buying bbs and paying your site fee. all this can cost around
€50.  From your first day of playing you should wear good military or
hiking boots, the terrain you will be playing on will be wet, slippery,
muddy or rough. Ankle support is important. most sites will allow other
types of footwear on your first day. Eye protection is the most important
piece of gear you will buy. it must with stand a bb at close range.

There are a number of tried and tested options that most players use.

A lot of sites require under 18s to wear full face masks, so remember this
when buying.

Always take your hits. if a bb hits you in a game then you are hit.
Experienced players will take a hit even if they are unsure. The Game is
based on honour. These days sites are very strict on this and player will
be removed from a game if there are a number of complaints against them.

What You Need Starting Off

Eye protection
full face mask or goggles, over 18s lower face mask is optional

High military or hiking boots


Airsoft RIF
Your gun is down to you and your preference and what is suited to you.
keep in mind you will be carrying it for the day. anything under €140

don't tend to last too long, but there is no need to buy an expensive one
either. Seek advice from an experienced player before buying you first gun.

Normally you get one with your gun. its a good idea to have a second not
only as mag problems are common place but also it will save you reloading
in a game.

Every player has there own choice on bbs, most of the well know brands are
fine to use such as G&G, KingArms, Golden Ball. don't use cheap bbs or
ones you find in discount stores, they will jam your gun and cause all sorts of
problems. Start of using ,20 gram bbs. you will learn about other weights as
you learn more about the sport.

Food & Drink
Some sites may have a shop to get drinks and snacks. but you should always
 bring a lunch and water with you.