Hobbies Models & Gaming Club

Hobbies Models & Gaming Club


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The Hobbies Models & Gaming Club was set up for those whos hobbies included but not limited to Warhammer, Shadespire, Age of Sigmar & Necromunda, Also those who build models such as Airfix models like WWII tanks or planes.
Recenlty some of the guys have been making  scenery or terrain for their Warhammer games. This is part of the idea behind the club where ideas,advice and help is given to those who are looking for it. 
Every Tuesday evening the club meets at Waterford Airsoft Supplies, in the Warhammer Room. Which has currently 3 tables for Gaming. Usualy there are two games going on and few guys watching and learning or doing there own models.

The club is open to any to join, and also the  club facebook group. 

Click here For Hobbies Models & Gaming Club Facebook Group 

The Club will run warhammer touraments, plays various games, build models from warhammer, WWII vehicles to modern day. The club is run  Tuesday evening from 6:30 till 10:00, when  you come to the
meeting you sign in and  give €3. This is used to get whatever the club needs, for exmple a fourth table, secnery etc. 

Waterford Airsoft Supplies currently  stock Games workshop products and can order in any Warhammer, Age of Sigmar etc items you require. 
We will soon be stocking Revell, Airfix and other models too. as well as some terrain products. 

You can find our Games Workshop products and models by clicking here. 

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