These are products available for pre-order. As they are stocked in the shop they will be added to the relevent section, ie , electric, spring etc.
Almost all airsoft devices can be pre ordered, if its not in this section, it doesnt mean it can not be ordered.

Specna Arms

Specna Arms  Replicas are  made  of an homogenous alloy of zinc and aluminium with the use of steel for  the screws, the pins and the tactical sling attachment points.
Parts such as stocks, pistol grips and hand guards are made of a  polymer plastic. The replica’s bodies and  rail are put through a process of anodizing, This  guaranties a high level of protection  against corrosion.
The paint on the specna arms replicas its done using the pulverization method after  sandblasting  the replica’s surface. This ensures the paint’s has high  durability against abrasion.

Specna Arms  Replicas  are  built to a  a high standard , in a way that  was previously only seen with the G&P or Classic Army  replicas.  
The replicas are well balanced, This ensures  perfect manoeuvrability  and its weight is almost not felt when you place the replica on the shoulder.

A Specna Arms  Replicas gearbox  is reinforced, and used the "enter and covert " quick spring change. The Gear box used 8mm ball bearings and  steal gears. A Metal hop up unit is also used in these replicas. Most of there  replicas have  a  functional bolt catch.


G&G was established over 20 years ago and have increased from strenght to strenght, G&G has won a number of awards including best airsoft manufacturer.
The production of the Pneumatic Blowback M4  launched them on  gobal success and then the introduction of their CM ( Combat Machine)  range. Also G&G produce a higher  end products under the name of TOP TECH.
G&G produce well designed and quality products. 



Cyma is a popular make with low cost and good quality.  For not only the beginner but for the season airsoft player. Cyma produce a wide range of AK variants and recently M4 variants.
The gearbox in Cyma guns take standard V2 and V3 parts. 


JG Works also know as Jing Gong are a chinese based manufacturer. They  produce Low to mid priced guns. One of the most popular guns, the JG G36c which is a solid and well built and  is often refer to as an ideal starter gun. 
JG guns will take parts for standard V" and V3 gearboxes.  Other  Guns such as the Aug are also popular. 


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