Shooting Range

Shooting Range

Airsoft Shooting Range

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Waterford Airsoft Shooting Range is located just a few miles outside Waterford city. The Range consists of multiple lanes, set up for Pistol, Assault rifle and Sniper rifles. The range is open to single shooters and groups. We recommended you book a day or two in advance if there are 2 or more people, and a couple of hours before if its one to two persons.

We have a range of Airsoft guns for you to use from 1911's, Glock and Desert Eagle pistols, AK and M4 Assault guns, Dragunov and M24 and Mauser snipers. Also there are a few rare ones such as the Barret 50 cal, Sa80, and Famas.  

The minimum age for the range is 8 years, 8 to 16 year olds  must be accompanied by a  parent / adult.  Under 18s must be signed in by a parent. 

You may also bring your own Airsoft guns and use them,  But they will be checked first to make sure they comply with the Irish law and not fire over 328fps. 

For more info on groups, Parties, Stags see our link for more info at the bottom of the page. Or call us or message us on our Facebook page.


Option 1:  Any One Gun Inc. targets & Ammo                €10       

  • Pistol: 200  shots approx & 2 x standard  1 x large  targets.
    ( Colt 1911,  PT 24/7,  Desert EagleGlock, 1911 Warrior)
  • Bolt Action Rifle: 200 shots approx & 2 x standard 1 x large  targets 
    (M24Dragunov SVD, L96, Barret M99)
  • Automatic Rifle: 300 shots approx & 2 x standard  1 x large   targets.
    (M4 CQB, L85, Thompson, Scar, P90, AK74, MP5, Famas)

Option 2: Any 2 Guns including targets & ammo                    €15

Option 3: Any 3 Guns including targets & ammo                    €20

Go Again: Any 1 Gun including targets & ammo                      €5

Shoot your own gun: €4 per half hour per bay.
No metal, glass  bbs to be used in the range.

Birthday, Stags, Hen, Corporate.

For only €10 per person. Shooters will get to use up to 10 different guns. You won't just shoot targets, We will run various shooting games and competitions for you. Bring your Cake, and have your party our party room, Tables, and seating, pool table, DVD & xbox. we will even take some photos of the occasion for you. Our minimum age for shooters is  8 years old. Please read the Range Rules & Info below. 

Range Rules & Info  ( Please read before Coming to the range)