The Workshop

The Workshop


Waterford Airsoft Supplies can offer you a repair and upgrade service with a fast turnaround, Once the parts are in stock it usualy takes only a couple of days and some times it can be same day repair. We keep a large range of parts in store from standard parts to upgrades. 

Free Chrono check.
Check the FPS  and ROF of your Gun

Upgrade Barrel & Hopup
Buy your barrel and hopup from us an we will fit it for free. 

Repair & Upgrades.
The cost of repairs and upgrades to your gearbox start from as little as  €25 excluding parts.
External repairs  and other guns will depend on the the gun and the problem. 

Leaking Mags. 
Pistols magazines at some point will leak. We can repair from €5

FPS Downgrades & Upgrades  from €15.
If your gun is firing over or too much under  328fps, we can up or downgrade your gun to comply with Irish law. We never upgrade to over 328fps (1 Joule) so dont even ask.   We never drill cylinders for downgrading. We replace the spring. 

Servicing your Airsoft guns is recommended every few months. This reduces the chance of major and costly problems,  We will notify you if  we find anything that may cause issues later so you have the option to fix now rather than later when it could be too late. 

AEG Service A.
€35 Includes de-grease and complete clean out of gearbox
re-grease, re-shim, compression and seal test / fix, Pre failure checks
( ie piston / gear wear etc), wiring check and fix, Trigger switch clean.
Barrel and hop up clean. Internal and external service. 

AEG Service B. 
€55  Same as service A with addition of  replacing, cut off
lever, Anti rev,New seals, and hop up rubber. 


Barrel polishing.
Polishing the barrel improves the accuracy and can also improve the range. We have got some great results on stock barrels even in cheaper guns. 

R-Hop Installation.

The R-hop replaces parts of your hop up unit and it can be a lenghty process. The main effect of the R-hop is an increase in the consistency, It adds more backspin which means heavier ammo can be used effectively, which in turn means  more accuracy. Also the Airseal is much improved.  The  R-Hop basicly turns your maximum range in to your effective range. 

R-hop Installation is approx €50. This includes the Patch and Nub. 

General Tech Work
From chaing rails, rewiring, Mosfet install we can do just about anything. give us a call for more info. 

Contact us for more info. Contact