Under 16 Airsoft Club

Under 16 Airsoft Club

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The Under 16s Airsoft Club is for those between the age of 12 and 16. Also Know as Wolfpack under 16s Airsoft Club. The club is run every Saturday at Waterford airsoft supplies, Waterford Airsoft Shooting Range and Wasteland Airsoft.

You dont need any airsoft gear to start. Get a rental pack which includes a gun,facemask and your ammo. Once you have played a few weeks and got info and advice then is a good time to buy your gear.

Its not just a hobby and getting out an playing Airsoft. There is so much more to airsoft apart from getting out and off the games console its also  a phyicial activity.

At the Wasteland Airsoft Site its about team work, planning and tactics. And sometimes they get to learn from and play against our local team Whiskey Delta.
At the shooting range and workshop its about learning the engineering  behind airsoft, learn to repair and do maintenance on your gear. setting scope, upgrading internals of your gun. 
We try to build a good social bond with the group and  Occansionaly they have the option to join us when we Visit other Airsoft sites  around Ireland. 

To sign up just drop in about 20 minutes before the club starts with a parent so we can get the required info from you. Once signed up you will recieve a txt message early friday evening about the club for the following day. 
We dont use social media for notification on the under 16s. 
some days you may need to sign in at The Wasteland Airsoft site and sometimes at Waterford Airsoft Supplies Shop.
Currently the times are 1:00 till 5:00. when we get longer evenings this will change to  2:00 to 6::00
It is €15  each saturday and €10 for the rental pack if you have no gear. 

The Under 16s Club  occasinally recieves discounts and deals from our shop.
and reduced fee for playing sunday and our social nights.