W.A.S. Events

W.A.S. Events

Social Night

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 Social Nights

Our  social evenings at Waterford Airsoft shooting range comprises of shooting competitions with prizes, Various shooting games, those attending get to try out a number of rare and custom guns, pistols , snipers, grenade launchers etc 
The local team Whiskey Delta & Staff of Waterford Airsoft Supplies / The wasteland Airsoft site will be there with answers to your technical and gear questions, Our workshop wil lbe open and staffed if you have problems with something or technical questions. Doug from Gambit's Custom Airsoft and Craig (SirRabbitus from Youtube) will be there. We often have other groups and teams attending. 

Some  bring along their  gun/s and show them off and use them in the range, or use our custom guns that will put a grin on your face. SVD, Mp5, P90. TM VSR ,pistols like the Desert eagle, 1911.or Beretta.

Ideal event for those looking to get started in airsoft, meet the airsoft community, and great for those already involved to meet up and share there experience and advice.You dont have to an airsoft player to join in. 

These Nights run once a month usually  the last friday of the month from 7:00 till 10:30
Min age 8 years - 8 to 16 must be accomanied by adult

Price: €15  (under 16 & Parent €20)
(Includes Tea/Coffee/ sandwiches,cakes etc /competition entry)

Spaces may be limited for these so check out our facebook page for the event and let us know if your going ASAP.

Under 16s Airsoft Club

Our U16s Airsoft Club  brings all aspects of the sport together for an afternoon every saturday. This club is for those new to airsoft and those already playing. For ages 12 to 16 with or without there own gear as  we will provide the gun, facemask and bbs for those who have not got theirs yet or if they just want to try it out for the day. 
The afternoon will comprise of  approx 40min to an  hour in the shooting range, shooting various guns, learning about them and saftey, setting up sights/ scopes. holding and shooting properly, and also a few shooting  games / competitions.
Then to the workshop where they learn about the internals and externals and how it all works. Also how to clean and maintain them and repair. 
In the shop and chill out room we will show differances between different products, camo, bbs and what different products do and when and how to use them.

After all that they go to the Wasteland site where they will play a few airsoft games and learn some airsoft Tactics, learn to work as a team or as a sniper etc.  
This is  going to be an on going club, It will not only  teach about all aspects of the sport but also, general safety, dicipline, teamwork and technical skills, confidence and make friends along the way. 

Currently the cost of this  €15 for the afternoon  Those who need a gun /mask and ammo would add €10, more info on the Under 16s club page

We are currently taking names for this and is due to start within the next couple of weeks.

Tech Course

This is run usually once a month, its done over two evenings, usually a friday. Those attending learn everything possible in two evenings about airsoft internals, Externals, Repair, Upgrading, Maintenance , Custom work , Testing etc. 
Its basicly a crash course, where on the first night you are given a gun to do the work on and learn. The second evening you bring your  own gun to work on. You will have our staff to guide you. Those who have done this course have gone on to upgrade or repair a number of there own Airsoft Guns with out help or calling to us with it. Which has saved them money on repairs and upgrading labour costs.
Normally those who do the tech course get 10% off any parts they use on there gun on the second evening. 
The cost of this 2 night course is €45. There are limited spaces so let us know as soon as you can that you want to do one so we can get your name down. 

Airsoft Events @ Wasteland Airsoft 

We run games open to everyone every sunday and also themed and milsim  games. 
To find out about our latest events check out our facebook page and the events posted. 
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